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Colts win prepares Birds for NFC rematch

The Eagles got their swagger back with the return of Jackson, who's 109 yards and touchdown sparked a huge win over Indy. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Final Score: Eagles 26; Colts 24
Eagles best number: 12-0 – Andy Reid’s record after the bye week.
Eagles worst number: 125 – penalty yards.

Three stars
D. Jackson (PHI) – 7 catches, 109 yards, TD.
A. Samuel (PHI) – 2 Interceptions.
J. Tamme (IND) – 11 catches, 108 yards, TD.

Breaking down the game

THEY’RE BACK! — DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick made it known that they have returned to full form on last Sunday’s win. Jackson was as dynamic as usual, racking up 109 yards over seven catches and a touchdown. In Vick’s return, he went 17/29 for 218 yards and a touchdown.

The likes of Kevin Kolb and Brent Celek did not rejoice. Kolb sat the side lines as the back-up quarterback, a familiar and frustrating role he’s been a part of for the past few seasons. Celek didn’t record a catch in the game and was targeted very little as Vick favors his dynamic receivers over his tight end.

RATTLING MANNING — In order to beat Peyton Manning, you have to rattle him. Manning had a very poor game, especially compared to the MVP-like stats he’s produced in the first half of the season.

Manning was sacked three times and picked off twice by Asante Samuel. He was rushed in his passes multiple times and many of the first downs Indy picked up were due to penalties. Manning was forced to throw 51 times and only got one touchdown out of it.


Eagles vs. Redskins: MNF

PHI: 5-3, 2nd in NFC East
WAS: 4-4, 3rd in NFC East
Spread: Eagles by 3.
Where: Fed Ex Field (Landover, MD).
When: Monday, 8:30 on ESPN.
Last time met: Week 4 – Washington’s defense was too good for the Eagles, knocking Vick out of the game and for the next few weeks and keeping Kolb in check. Washington’s run game led them to a 17-12 win.
Last Week: The Eagles beat Indy, 26-24. Washington was on a bye.

Watching from the sidelines, McNabb was benched in favor of Grossman two weeks ago. He will get his second chance this Monday vs the Eagles. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

SECOND CHANCES — McNabb is going to be the player to watch in this one again. For starters, head coach Mike Shanahan made a big deal about McNabb’s start last time around, giving him the game ball for virtually not giving the game away.

McNabb was benched two weeks ago for the two-minute drill in favor of Rex Grossman. On Grossman’s first play to lead his team to glory, he was sacked and fumbled. Shanahan explained that McNabb was not in shape nor had good numbers in the clutch situation, a slap to the face of the former Eagle.

McNabb isn’t having a lucrative season either in Washington. He’s completed 57% of his passes for 1,971 yards and only seven touchdowns while being picked-off eight times. Another poor outing against the Birds and McNabb’s season could be in jeopardy to a permanent benching to Grossman.

Roose’s prediction (4-4): Vick gets his vengeance on the Skins in a conference blow-out, 31-13.

NFL Week 9: Eagles vs. Colts

PHI: 4-3, 2nd in NFC East
IND: 5-2, 1st in AFC South
Spread: Eagles by 3
Where: Lincoln Financial Field (Philly, PA)
When: Sunday, 4:15 PM on CBS
Last time met: Nov. 26, 2006 – Joseph Addai gained over 200 yards from scrimage as the Colts rolled over the Eagles 45-21. Jeff Garcia was under center for the Eagles a week after Donovan Mcnabb went down with a torn ACL.
Last Week: The Eagles were on a bye. The Colts steam rolled the Texans, 30-17.

Best case scenario: Peyton Manning does not dismantle the secondary completely and they Birds offense stays on the Colts’ heals to maybe steal a game with a winning field goal.

Worst case scenario: Manning absolutely rips apart the Birds very weak secondary, throwing for four touch downs and not needing to run the ball too often. Michael Vick can’t do a single thing against the Colts defense, surrendering the ball back to Kevin Kolb.

Colts QB Peyton Manning looks to pass against Houston last Monday. Manning has arguably been the first half MVP in the NFL and is on the verge of another MVP season. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Opposing player to watch – QB Peyton Manning: People should watch him because he will do work. Like watching Roy Halladay pitch or Kobe Bryant run the floor, watching Peyton Manning run an offense is a thing of beauty. Manning has a passer rating of 101.4 with 2,184 yards and 15 touchdowns. He’s only thrown two picks all season.


Offenses: The Eagles look to be rolling with Vick as he’s fully healthy. Speaking of returns, DeSean Jackson cleared his concussion tests and will be back Sunday as well. Jeremy Maclin is due for another good game and with Jackson returning, he could give both himself and Jackson some time to get around and make plays. LeSean McCoy is a good running threat every week.

Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL and he’s currently playing like it. Reggie Wayne leads the team with 641 yards and has three touchdowns but Austin Collie has been Manning’s favorite end zone target with six scores. With no Addai, former Michigan stat and Heisman candidate Mike Hart is running the ball. Indy’s run game is weak and with the way the Birds run defense has been playing, running won’t be an option.

Advantage: Colts have Peyton Manning. That’s a given advantage.

Defenses: The Eagles certainly have the advantage with a strong run-stopping game but the Colts are so loaded in the passing game, that’s a non-factor. The Eagles secondary has been shredded the past few weeks and could have a big problem against Indy.

Indy’s defense is nothing special and the Eagles could take advantage of that. Though they are a pass-heavy offense, the balance the Birds have could keep Indy on their heals. This game is lined up for a shoot out because both offenses can exploit the glaring weaknesses.

Advantage: Eagles.

Injury Report
: Q: E. Hobbs (hip). P: M. Vick (ribs), D. Jackson (concussion), B. Bunkley (elbow), B. Graham (ankle).
Colts: Q: J. Addai (neck), A. Collie (hand), A. Gonzalez (knee), M. Hart (ankle), B. Sanders (biceps), R. Mathis (knee), D. Freeny.

Roose’s Prediction (4-3): The Colts have the better offense and will win in a shootout, 35-31.

A Look Into the Bye

Thank God it’s here. After Sunday’s heartless drubbing to the Tennessee Titans, 37-19, the Eagles head into this week’s bye with some questions to be answered.

For starters, Kevin Kolb’s performance did not convince me just yet that he should cough up the starting position despite Michael Vick expected to be near 100% by the following Sunday home against Indianapolis. And with DeSean Jackson expected to be back, the Eagles offense could go toe-to-toe with the Colts.

The Eagles have a big question to answer this bye week: Kolb (shown) or Vick? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)


VICK OR KOLB? — I think the answer should be very easy, at least for me. At the starter of the season, Kolb was named the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. He lost his job to Vick when he suffered a concussion against the Packers in their week one 27-20 loss.

Vick started the next string of games before a rib injury forced him out of the starters role in week four against the Redskins. Kolb resumed his role as starter and performed very well before a miserable performance against the Titans.

But as I stated, Kolb was named the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season. He should continue that role heading into week nine against Indy.

For starters, he did nothing to merit losing the job in last week’s loss. Granted he didn’t play well but neither does a lot of starting quarterbacks in a team losing effort like the one Philly had.

Kolb has actually done very well so far this season, completing 97-of-153 (63.4%) of his passes for 1,035 yards, six touchdowns, and four interceptions. Two of his picks came last week on errant throws, signs of a lack of focus in a game that was out of reach.

Other than the picks, Kolb has been very accurate downfield, hitting Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek for some long passes in the past few weeks. Kolb can and will get better as the season goes on.

A healthy DeSean Jackson is the type of boost Philly need as they head into the tough part of their schedule, starting with Indy. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)


RETURN OF JACKSON — Another piece that will make Kolb much stronger in the Eagles return week nine is Jackson’s recovery from a sever concussion he sustained in week six against Atlanta.

Jackson said the hit “felt like a car accident,” and was knocked out of the game. He said he feels a lot better this week and is eyeing a week nine return.

The return of Jackson will give Kolb, or if the Eagles opt with Vick, their biggest play-maker back. Jackson has 19 catches for 395 yards and three touchdowns. He also has one rushing touchdown.

Jackson’s return will also knock Jorrick Calvin from the punt returner’s role. Calvin made a key fumble in the Eagles loss to Tennessee last Sunday. Granted Andy Reid won’t want Jackson to be taking any unnecessary hits, Calvin may still get to hold onto the returners spot another week.

Super Bowl Rewind

The 2009-10 NFL season is now over with the New Orleans Saints being crowned champions.  The game was pretty interesting in itself, as it was closer than the final score.  Drew Brees was named MVP, tying a Super Bowl record with 32 completions.

The early turning point in this game was New Orleans with their onsides kick to start the second half.  If you looked close, you would see old friend Hank Baskett going inside the 10 yard buffer and failing in his attempt to recover the ball.  Of course it would be a former Eagle to screw up the game for the Colts.

Did anyone else think Peyton Manning would throw a pick on the drive that could have tied the game?  It seemed like Manning would take the team down the field to tie the game with little time left and probably sent the game to overtime (which would have been the first time the Super Bowl went to overtime). 

Today begins (officially) Day 1 of the Eagles’ road to Super Bowl XLV.  How awesome would it to be to win the big game in Jerry Jones’ house?  We’ll have a couple of things to discuss in a few weeks, with free agency starting in March and the draft in April.

Aside from the game, the best commercials, for me, were the Doritos trio and the Bud Light house.  This year’s crop was better than last year’s, although you had some commercials that made you wonder “they spent $3 million for this?!?”  The halftime show was bleh, it was cool to see The Who but they sounded pretty flat.  Although what could you expect from a band of 60 year olds?


If you read a couple days ago, the four of us picked “prop” bets, and it’s time to find out who won.

Spread: Saints +6 (winners: Paul & Mike)

Over/Under: Under 56.5 (winner: John)

Coin Toss: Heads (winner: John)

Carrie Underwood Anthem: Over 1:42 (winners: Mike & Paul)

First Touchdown: Pierre Garcon (winner: John 10/1)

MVP: Drew Brees (winner: Paul 9/4)

Gatorade: Orange (winner: Dan 4/1)

All in all, both John and Paul both had three correct, but John had a better odds on his pick, so John is the winner.  Congrats buddy!

LBS’s Super Bowl Bets

As you all know, the Super Bowl brings out the goofiest of bets, aside from the obvious (spread and over/under).  Well, the four of us (Mike, John, Paul and myself) have picked a couple of the bets and we are going to throw some fake money out there and see who comes away the winner.

(Remember, all these numbers and odds are for entertainment purposes only!)

We’ll start with the obvious, going with spread and over/under.  The Saints are getting six points, and Paul & Mike took the Saints with the points. John and myself went with the Colts minus 6.  However, John was the only one to take the under of the posted total of 56.5.  Mike, Paul and myself took the over as we all thought it would be a shootout in Miami.

We then picked six other “prop” bets, which included football and non-football.  First, we’ll start with the coin toss, as this is one of the most heavily bet on “prop” bets.  John was the only one to go with Heads, and said the Saints would win the toss (not that it matters for this segment).  The other three of us took Tails, on the notion that “Tails never fails”.  We also picked whether National Anthem singer Carrie Underwood would go under or over the time of 1 minute, 42 seconds to perform.  Both John and I took the under, as Mike and Paul took over the posted time.

Moving on to the actual gameplay, we picked who we thought would score the first touchdown, and who would win MVP.  I chose Indy TE Dallas Clark (with 6/1 odds) to score first, and the MVP to QB Peyton Manning (2/3 odds).  Continuing with the Colts theme, John went with WR Pierre Garcon (10/1) to score the first touchdown, and also going with Manning for MVP honors.  Mike and Paul both had Saints outcomes, with Mike taking Saints WR Marques Colston (8/1) to score first, and Reggie Bush (10/1) earning the MVP.  Paul took WR Robert Meachem (10/1) and for MVP took QB Drew Brees (9/4).

For the last two prop bets, the four of us picked if the announcers would mention Hurricane Katrina over or under 3 times.  All four of us took the over, with Mike saying “WELL over 3 times”.  That question seemed to be the easiest for us and our only unanimous choice.  As for the final bet, we picked what color the Gatorade would be dumped on the winning coach’s head.  Mike took the lowest odds choice, Yellow (1/1).  John went with Colts blue, which had the worst odds at 12/1.  Paul took Lime Green (5/1) and I took Orange (4/1).  

As I mentioned before, this is all for fun, and no money is going to exchange hands, just bragging rights.  In the post-game recap, we’ll leave a small section to recap who “won” in regards to out bets. 

Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl, the commercials, and the halftime show!  Good luck to all of those that have real money riding on the game, whether it be prop bets or block pools!