Vick the Starter

Andy Reid feels that the Eagles could win this year and he’s going with the guy who may be the answer. No not Kevin Kolb but Michael Vick. Reid announced today that Vick will be the starter this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Why Reid made the switch? Who knows. But he will give the reason at 6:30 ET on CSN.

This is shocking news indeed. Donovan McNabb was traded away over the summer for Kolb to be the starter, not Vick. But with Kolb’s concussion still on Reid’s mind (probably as an excuse), Vick will get the opportunity to really add to his argument to be the number one guy, not just with the Eagles, but to anyone after this season.

Vick threw for 175 yards and one touchdown and ran for 103 yards during a 27-20 loss to Green Bay. He then shined the following week, throwing for 284 passing yards and two TDs in a 35-32 victory at Detroit.

It’s going to hurt Kolb’s development by keeping him on the back burner. But then again, it could help the Eagles if they truly think this year could be a winning year.

Let the controversy continue.


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