Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals (preseason)

Records: Eagles (1-0); Bengals (1-1)
Where: Paul Brown Stadium (Cincy)
When: Friday; 8:00; FOX
Discussion: Liberty Bell Sports

What to Expect: Starters will be getting much more playing time this time around. If I’m not mistaken, starters will play at least the first quarter and some of the second. This is when you’ll get to see Kevin Kolb try to gel with his new starting team mates and hopefully develop a rapport that will carry over into the regular season… Heeeee’s Back! Terrell Owens isn’t thankfully coming back to Philly because he wouldn’t make it out alive but we will get to see him on TV playing against one of his uglier divorces. Owens and Chad Ochocinco, together on one team, is going to be a huge circus act and I can’t wait until the big top collapses, leaving Carson Palmer wondering what the hell to do with two spoiled cry babies…

Players to Watch

Kevin Kolb – He’s the man in Philly now. Like I said in the previous section, he is going to try and develop some kind of relationship with his receivers in an actual game-day scenario. It would be nice to see him get more playing time for a change and really give us a taste of what he can do this year.

LeSean McCoy – It’s going to be nice to Shady get a fair share of carries this time around and attempt to get on a roll. Shady is the number one man now in Philly without Brian Westbrook. He will also hopefully have something Westbrook hasn’t had in most of his career, a reliable number two to keep him healthy in Mike Bell. McCoy is like a clone of Westbrook in that he is small in size but very speedy. He has great hands and can get lost behind the line man. Once he pops out into sight, it can be too late to get into position to make a tackle on him.

Riley Cooper – Cooper had himself a nice little showing in the second quarter last week. He made some nice catches and showed that he should get some touches in the regular season. He’s battling Hank Baskett for the fourth WR spot and right now he has an early lead.

Michael Vick – Vick looked pretty sharp last week. It appeared he was forcing himself into more of a passers role by staying in the pocket. His discomfort showed as he fumbled a couple snaps, losing the ball once, and throwing an interception. Vick did look good on the other plays and even showed off some of the vintage speed on his rushing touch down. Look for Vick to continue to work on being a true quarterback and continue to get better and show flashes of his old brilliance. Maybe this time around he can be a weapon on the field.


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