Hello, Mr. Halladay

As the beginning of spring training has begun, we’ve seen the sight we’ve been waiting all winter to see: Roy Halladay throwing in Phillies red.  Last week he posed for Sporting News, and did an interview with the magazine, but now he’s finally working in pinstripes. 

In the Sporting News article, Halladay was asked who the best pitcher in the NL East was, and he replied that he would “never vote for myself” and that “Johan Santana has always been fun to watch”.  Although he said former Toronto teammate Chris Carpenter was the best in the NL.  Now, according to Brian Costa of the Star-Ledger, Santana was asked the same question and with a one word reply said: Santana.  When asked earlier this week for a reply of Santana, Halladay avoided starting a war of words with the Mets pitcher and said,

I steer clear of that.  I think it was a Lou Holtz quote: ‘Well done is always more important than well-said.’ I’ve always tried to take that philosophy. I stay out of the papers and news. Not that those people don’t know what they’re talking about. It just doesn’t have a lot to do with how I appraoch the game. It’s not going to effect the way I prepare, the way I pitch.

He also told reporters that what he was looking forward to most with a new team was being in the postseason.  Halladay knows he has a better shot of making the playoffs (and going to the World Series) with the Phillies than he ever did playing second fiddle to the Red Sox and Yankees.

In the same interview he descibed his workout routine, which consists of him getting to the ballpark at 5:45…..in the morning.  He said that a couple of pitchers, including Kyle Kendrick, Cole Hamels, and Chad Durbin, plan to beat him to the park.  Not only is he a stud pitcher for the team, but it seems like he’s going to be a good role model on the younger guys. Although in the SN article, he doesn’t want to act like their “mentor”, but talk to the other guys “pitcher to pitcher”.  Even if the young guys learn a little from how Halladay conducts himself, it should help them become better pitchers themselves.

Halladay is projected to start the season opener April 5th in Washington, DC against the Nationals.  It seems like the Phillies might outnumber Nationals fans 2 to 1 (at the very least) with the amount of people who say they are heading down to the nation’s capital.


As John wrote on his blog today, a sculptor is working on a Harry Kalas statue for outside Citizens Bank Park.  However he is waiting to get $80,000 (in donations from fans) to bronze the statue. 

In my opinion, a statue for Harry should have been done a long time ago, possibly when the stadium was first opened, but definitely while Harry was still alive.  Now the Phillies could never have predicted his death, but it would have been nice to honor him while he was alive (along with renaming the broadcasting booth posthumously).


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