Gagne snaps drought to win game

After going twelve games without a goal, in overtime Simon Gagne looked like a man on a mission.  He was determined to score the game winner against the Devils last night.  Hopefully this goal is able to jumpstart him and remind us of the Simon Gagne who scored 34 goals last year and not the one who trails Dan Carcillo and Darroll Powe on the scoresheet. 

Jeff Carter also lit up Devils goalie Marty Brodeur with a wicked wrister in the second period to tie the game, making it the second time in two games he had tied the game against New Jersey.  Carter made his case to be Ryan Getzlaf’s replacement for Team Canada, and will fly to Vancouver on Sunday in case Getzlaf can not participate.

The Flyers also had another apparent goal waived off last night.  Scott Hartnell thought he had a goal before Marty Brodeur reached over and covered the puck with his glove.  Replays show the puck partially crossing the line before Brodeur’s glove covered it.  This brought some anger from the Philadelphia fans, thinking they had been “screwed” again.  NHL Rules state that during a replay the officials have to see the puck fully cross the line, which they deemed they hadn’t.  Common sense would say “it’s a goal”, but to the rulebooks, it’s not.  Maybe it’s time we add common sense to the rulebooks?

The next two games against Montreal are huge, considering they are the final games before the Olympic Break, and the Canadiens are sitting in 6th place, one point better than the Flyers (although the Flyers have three games in hand).  According to Sports Club Stats, the Flyers now have about an 88% chance to make the playoffs.  Sweeping the Habs would definitely put them ahead of the pack and create some distance between them and other teams.


Marty Turco was the subject of a lot of internet rumors Tuesday night, after Dallas acquired Kari Lehtonen.  TSN’s Bob McKenzie said the only teams who might consider Turco (with a $5.7 million cap hit) are the Flyers and Blackhawks.  Both teams would need to clear considerable salary before doing so though.  It makes no sense for the Flyers because we already have three goalies (depending on Emery), and we’d need to trade a forward (Hartnell & Briere were rumored) to make the space.  With our scorers struggling, this doesn’t seem like the best idea.  After the rumors circulated for a bit, Hartnell’s agent denied any deal to Dallas, thus quashing those rumors.  Dallas wants to shed salary and by dealing even money doesn’t work for them.

With the Olympic trade freeze tommorow at 3:00, don’t expect the Flyers to do anything major. 


News on the Ray Emery MRI is expected today (haven’t we heard that before?).  Is there any way that the diagnosis, three days later, could be good?  Hopefully it’s nothing that rest during the Olympic Break can’t fix.


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