Emery Shut Down

GM Paul Holmgren announced today that goaltender Ray Emery would be “shut down” for three weeks to strengthen his hip.  Three weeks from today would be March 4th, a day after the trading deadline.  Between now and then, the Flyers have four games, including two against Montreal this weekend.  Having Emery miss the time now is better than when the Flyers are playing every other night in March. 

Surely Paul Holmgren will have an idea how healthy Emery is by the time the Olympic freeze is over.  If he is not improving, has a couple days to make a trade for a goalie, if he chooses to.  If Holmgren stands pat, which he likely will do, the Flyers will ride Michael Leighton and Brian Boucher. 

Hopefully this rest does Emery good and he comes back 100% and ready for the stretch run.  Undoubtably this will have an effect on Emery getting an extension, as his agent and Holmgren were going to discuss one after the trade deadline.  If Leighton continues to play well, will he make Emery earn back the starter’s job for the playoffs?  I’d be willing to bet Peter Laviolette gives Emery a chance to regain the job but still has confidence in Leighton.

We’ll continue to monitor Emery’s progress over the next couple weeks.


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