Tuesday Afternoon Flyers Roundup

If you caught last night’s Flyers game, you would have seen Jeff Carter flatten Devils’ defenseman Anssi Salmela, as Salmela was scoring the Devils’ second goal.  Salmela lay motionless on the ice for a couple of minutes before being taken off on a stretcher.  He ended up with a re-broken nose, and lost a couple of teeth, but other than that seemed okay. 

The initial uproar was over a Flyer knocking out an opposing player for the second time this year.  However, Carter appeared to hit Salmela with his shoulder to Salmela’s shoulder, but on the followthrough hit Salmela’s head as well.  The timing of the hit is also unfortunate, as Salmela was in the process of scoring. 

The most unfortunate thing was that Salmela was hurt during the play.  It’s never good to see anyone injured, whether it’s the Flyers or their opponents.  The next thought is, will Jeff Carter be suspended?  If I was in charge, I would say no.  Carter wasn’t even penalized on the play, and he is hardly a dirty player.  Any uproar over this hit stems from the fact that Salmela was injured.  Had Salmela gotten up fine, it would be a non-issue.


Flyers goaltender Ray Emery underwent an MRI on Monday, after suffereing tightness in his left hip.  Paul Holmgren said it could be a labrum tear and may need surgery.  It’s entirely possible that Emery could play through the rest of the season before having surgery in the summer.  The Flyers and their fans will find out this afternoon how bad Emery is hurt. 

Emery’s injury could affect the Flyers playoff hopes.

A couple of questions are raised because of this latest twist in the Emery saga.  First, was Ray Emery rushed back into the lineup, and overworked once he came back?  He was ahead of schedule for his rehab and returned at the beginning of his window of expected return.  Emery had played eight straight games since coming back, which worried fans, overworking a goalie coming right off of injury. 

Secondly, if Emery is out for any extended period of time, do the Flyers feel confident in Michael Leighton, who has played well, but has no NHL playoff experience.  Does Brian Boucher factor in at all, having not played since January 3, when he relieved Leighton in an eventual 7-4 loss.  If the Flyers don’t feel confident in either of those guys, will they make a move to acquire a goaltender for the stretch? 


The Flyers submitted bids to host the NHL Entry Draft within the next few years and the NHL All-Star game in either 2012 or 2013.  Philadelphia has never hosted the draft, and hasn’t hosted the All-Star game since 1992, when the team still played at the Spectrum.  Personally I think it would be cool to host either of these events, because they don’t come around very often.  It would be nice to see who we draft in the first round (provided we still have it).  If either of these events come to Philly, chalk me down for going.


If you stayed up late last night to watch the Ducks and Kings tangle, you would have seen Ryan Getzlaf injured in the second period.  The Ducks forward, a member of Team Canada, is scheduled to undergo an MRI on his ankle this afternoon, and it’s possible he will have to withdraw from the Olympics.  Among rumored replacements is Flyers center Jeff Carter, who has played better since the initial team was announced.  As well as he has been playing, I don’t see him being Getzlaf’s replacement.


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