LBS’s Super Bowl Bets

As you all know, the Super Bowl brings out the goofiest of bets, aside from the obvious (spread and over/under).  Well, the four of us (Mike, John, Paul and myself) have picked a couple of the bets and we are going to throw some fake money out there and see who comes away the winner.

(Remember, all these numbers and odds are for entertainment purposes only!)

We’ll start with the obvious, going with spread and over/under.  The Saints are getting six points, and Paul & Mike took the Saints with the points. John and myself went with the Colts minus 6.  However, John was the only one to take the under of the posted total of 56.5.  Mike, Paul and myself took the over as we all thought it would be a shootout in Miami.

We then picked six other “prop” bets, which included football and non-football.  First, we’ll start with the coin toss, as this is one of the most heavily bet on “prop” bets.  John was the only one to go with Heads, and said the Saints would win the toss (not that it matters for this segment).  The other three of us took Tails, on the notion that “Tails never fails”.  We also picked whether National Anthem singer Carrie Underwood would go under or over the time of 1 minute, 42 seconds to perform.  Both John and I took the under, as Mike and Paul took over the posted time.

Moving on to the actual gameplay, we picked who we thought would score the first touchdown, and who would win MVP.  I chose Indy TE Dallas Clark (with 6/1 odds) to score first, and the MVP to QB Peyton Manning (2/3 odds).  Continuing with the Colts theme, John went with WR Pierre Garcon (10/1) to score the first touchdown, and also going with Manning for MVP honors.  Mike and Paul both had Saints outcomes, with Mike taking Saints WR Marques Colston (8/1) to score first, and Reggie Bush (10/1) earning the MVP.  Paul took WR Robert Meachem (10/1) and for MVP took QB Drew Brees (9/4).

For the last two prop bets, the four of us picked if the announcers would mention Hurricane Katrina over or under 3 times.  All four of us took the over, with Mike saying “WELL over 3 times”.  That question seemed to be the easiest for us and our only unanimous choice.  As for the final bet, we picked what color the Gatorade would be dumped on the winning coach’s head.  Mike took the lowest odds choice, Yellow (1/1).  John went with Colts blue, which had the worst odds at 12/1.  Paul took Lime Green (5/1) and I took Orange (4/1).  

As I mentioned before, this is all for fun, and no money is going to exchange hands, just bragging rights.  In the post-game recap, we’ll leave a small section to recap who “won” in regards to out bets. 

Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl, the commercials, and the halftime show!  Good luck to all of those that have real money riding on the game, whether it be prop bets or block pools!

One response to “LBS’s Super Bowl Bets

  1. Paul Pickett February 7, 2010 at 10:16 PM

    Just missed it. 😦 Ah well, maybe next year. Congrats John! 🙂

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