Iverson proves he’s still the Answer

He may not be the same Answer he was in his first stint as a Sixer but Allen Iverson proved he is still a right answer for the Sixers. Since being signed by the Sixers and making his debut in early December versus the Nuggets, Iverson has been a huge addition to a Sixers team searching for answers (pun not intended).

The Sixers are 12-16 since Iverson’s first game. He missed six of those games. They were previously 5-15 and Iverson’s presence and veteran-ship has definitely had a positive affect on Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, and rookie Jrue Holiday.

Iverson has been averaging over 32 minutes a game in his 22 games and starts this season with Philly. Though he is going through back and knee trouble, he has been a constant help in his return. He’s averaging just under 15 PPG, exactly what I expected. He still loves to control the ball but instead of driving the lane and getting the job done by himself, he keeps the ball moving and sets up the plays. In his 22 games, he hit the 20-point mark six times, and recorded a season high 23 points versus Kobe Bryant and the Lakers this past week.

Iverson’s health is the only thing the Sixers are worried about with Iverson. They recently gave him another rest last night versus Chicago because of his child’s illness but it can be assumed that he also used the break to rest his knees. At 34, Iverson’s style of play has taken a huge toll on his body.

Iverson’s contract is up at the end of the season. The Sixers NEED to sign him back and make sure he retires a Sixers. He is the reason people will come to the games. He has also proven he can still contribute and be a positive contributor to this team.


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