State of the Sixers

Could Iguodala be dealt?

As many of you know, I’m not the biggest Sixer fan, but I like to see them succeed and hope they win.  Seeing the Sixers in this constant decline (or just stagnation), missing the playoffs or losing in the first round does not make Sixer Nation very happy.  They have only won one playoff series since making it to the NBA Finals (in 2003 vs. New Orleans).  You can blame whoever, management, coaching, players, but that doesn’t change the current state of the team.  GM Ed Stefanski was brought in from New Jersey to turn around the franchise, but despite his efforts, the team is currently 16-31, 8 games behind the 8th place Heat.

So what should the Sixers do?  I’m hardly the expert, but if the team has to experience a few rough years before becoming a contender, then so be it.  With a bunch of rumors floating around about Tracy McGrady (and his expiring contract) and Amare Stoudamire, could one of those guys help the team?  If the Sixers had to trade for one of the two, long term, McGrady would be the better option.  By trading for McGrady, the team would have to move considerable salary under league rules, and when McGrady’s contract expires, it will clear up some room next season.  If Stefanski is looking short term, Stoudamire, an all-star, would be the better option, helping the team right away.  However, Stoudamire wouldn’t put the team deep into the playoffs, so making the playoffs, losing in the first round and drafting in the middle of the first round (again) wouldn’t help the team. 

The only way teams improve in the NBA is by signing a huge profile free agent or drafting in the top 5.  And for the record, I would not consider Elton Brand a huge profile free agent.  Part of rebuilding is by using available money correctly, not overpaying.  One of the other problems with the Sixers is that they have a bunch of similar type players; good or decent individuals, but as a team, not so much.  Part of that is the result of continuous drafting between 10 and 20 every year.

The days leading up to February 19th could be interesting as they could possibly shape the track of their future.  Could we see the last of Andre Iguodala and Sammy Dalembert as Sixers soon?


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