Philly Sports Break

As the first official post of the LBS Blog, I feel it is a duty to do a quick recap of all the important topics of the week, and there have been many.

First, we start on the ice, where the Flyers have a nice little winning streak, beating Columbus and the Rangers.  However the big controversy (if you’d like to call it one) was Flyer tough guy Dan Carcillo taking on Ranger star Marian Gaborik in a war of fists.  Of course Ranger coach John Tortorella said there was “no honor” and called Carcillo a “brave guy”, sarcasm implied.  The Flyers have little time to worry about Ranger revenge, as they host the Hurricanes and Penguins this weekend.  Ray Emery has been named Saturday’s starter, fresh off his shutout of the Rangers.  It is rumored that Michael Leighton will start against the Penguins, his first action since a January 14th loss at the hands of Toronto.

Switching to the defending NL Champs, there has been much to talk about in Phillieland for the last couple days.  First reliable righthander Joe Blanton avoided arbitration with the team, agreeing to a 3 year, $24 million deal, which prompted some questions (mainly about not being able to afford Cliff Lee) by fans.  Later in the night, it was rumored that Shane Victorino would follow suit and agree to a deal, which was announced today.  Victorino earned himself a 3 year deal worth $21 million, much more per year than either side was asking for in arbitration.  Many fans around the area are now asking about Jayson Werth’s Phillies future, which could end at the end of this year.  But Phillies brass tried to squelch that, saying it’s not a forgone conclusion that Werth won’t be back after 2010, and that they would like to start preliminary negotiations.  The team probably wants to see how much Werth believes he is worth (no pun intended).  Lastly, out of the blue, the Phillies announced the signing of free agent pitcher Jose Contreras.  The 38 year old Contreras will likely take over Chan Ho Park’s bullpen spot from last year.

And finally switching to the hardwood, it was announced yesterday that Allen Iverson would start for the Eastern Conference All Star team.  Some people believe that the NBA All Star voting is a sham, stating the fact that AI has only played 19 games this season, and that injured guard Tracy McGrady was in the lead in the West, despite playing only six games this year.  Either way, the Sixers have an All-Star for the first time since 2006 when (you guessed it) Allen Iverson suited up for the squad.

Don’t forget to check out’s “Most Memorable Moments of the 2000’s” tournament in the Game Room section.


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